Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli is a Medical Laboratory Scientist who volunteered with us in the last Borno and Yobe States medical outreach. She is doing a series on her experience volunteering with us. See one of the articles she wrote below.


So, the post I made about my #HannuBiyu hair two weeks ago began to spark endless conversations…

“Borno, kwa? Abeg don’t go and die there o! Many have gone o!” The worst thing I have heard, so far…but I totally understand that it came out of pure intentions.
“Borno? Interesting! Please, how can I volunteer?” The best of all the questions I’ve been asked. I hope that you find most answers here.👇👇

Well, the first thing you need to know is that volunteering for #PHI is strictly #voluntary. I mean, it comes with NON-MONETARY benefits. If you were thinking it’s a full-time job with a salary or a money-making venture, please you need to do one of two things —change the MINDSET to adapt, or seek other financially paid opportunities. Thank you.

The next thing is, assuming you have read through my previous post on #housekeeping, is to know that the organization is faith-based —they seek to achieve something bigger than themselves because they believe in Someone bigger than themselves. Consequently, everyone is equal, irrespective of tribe, religion or social class. This family has existed this way for about 30 years.

Fortunately, there’s an answer for those with questions like, “When will Pro-Health come to Rivers? Is it only in the North of Nigeria?”

This organization carries out projects in every part of Nigeria. These projects are sponsored by human beings and bodies like you and I. People partner with #PHI to bring good healthcare to the doorsteps of their kinsmen, villagers, etc. This is important to know because the extra money you’re saving for expensive drinks this December could help 500 or 1000 people in your village.

In addition, volunteers like you and I, are a workforce drawn per project to work in the following departments: laboratory, consulting, operating and post-operating, pharmacy, dental centre, eye care, eye surgery, triage, monitoring and evaluation, food/kitchen, logistics, health promotion, media.

This means that if you have gifts and expertise needed to work in these units, then you can apply. For instance, statisticians can work in the Monitoring and Evaluation sections; video-, photo-, and cinematographers can work with the team lead in the media section, a surgeon, in the operating room, etc.